Did you know that women’s football is the world’s fastest growing sport? As consultant I advise organisations in the field of women’s football, but also street football, and women’s sports in general. I draw on my background and experiences as a former professional athlete and connections with the KNVB, the Orange Lionesses, UEFA, and international football stars.

Youth expert with specialized methodology

When I first started working with young people, I was still one myself. Having developed my extensive knowledge through years of experience on the streets – from The Netherlands to Africa to the Caribbean – in addition to my role at youth communication agency Youngworks, I was able to master the art of connecting with new generations. The techniques and custom methodology that I developed for Favela Street also play an important role. The needs of participants are central to the impact measurement of our personal development programs and provide the participants with invaluable insights into their growth processes. Equipped with this expertise I advise organisations on developing their own methodology and offer to consult them on social entrepreneurship and the importance of impact measurement.

Personal coaching through storytelling

Storytelling is an excellent tool to help define and share your personal mission. By examining what and why you do what you do, you not only take critical steps in self-reflection but also start developing your own narrative to inspire others. Together we’ll examine key moments in your life to help you understand your own behavioural patterns. This is essential for creating insights into your future. You will also learn to embrace the power of vulnerability, demonstrated by Brené Brown, among others. By the end of our sessions you’ll have formed a powerful story that you’ll be able to utilise during presentations or for yourself.


  • Cultuurverandering impactmeting (sociale) projecten/programma’s. 
  • Favela Street methodiek; persoonlijk ontwikkelingsprogramma gericht op positieve mindset verandering.
  • Vrouwenvoetbal nationaal en internationaal.
  • Storytelling



Leading up to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France I helped Nike to develop a nation-wide campaign aimed at Dutch supporters. Part of my role was casting models. Ensuring inclusive and appropriate representation of the target audience I selected female football players from within my network to serve as models in the campaign. Om voor voldoende diversiteit en representatie van de doelgroep te zorgen, heb ik binnen mijn netwerk voetbalsters geselecteerd die in de campagne model hebben gestaan.


The goal of Nike France’s Coach+ program was to get 100,000 girls to pick up sports and start exercising. The concept was simple: give young women the means to start their own sports projects, and natural-born role-models will inevitably arise. As a consultant I contributed to the strategic development of the program and was also a mentor to the women’s team. Coach+ is actively running until the Paris Olympics in 2024.


Becoming the Netherlands’ national kickboxing youth champion is an impressive feat – especially for a girl of Moroccan descent. Houda meanwhile has three children and with pain in her heart had to abandon her dream of becoming a professional boxer. Nowadays she’s active outside the ring as she gives training to children and women and has kicked-off her own sports project for girls with the assistance of Favela Street. To help Houda capture the powerful essence of her story I coach her in storytelling. The result is that she’s able to tell her inspiring story full of conviction and get her powerful message across as she works to pursue her mission.


After an eventful career Zaïd hung up his boots and took up coaching. The former international star now manages professional club ASV LEBO and also stands in front of the class at Calvijn College. EHe’s an inspiration for the young people in Amsterdam-West and beyond. With his personal story he wants to show that you can make your dreams come true, even if you came from the streets. I coach Zaïd to help give form to his narrative and effectively incorporate existing behavioural theories to motivate young people.


Ik heb veel inspiratie opgehaald bij Rocky. Vooral het durven en jezelf kwetsbaar opstellen over mijn jeugd. Rocky weet precies hoe zij gestructureerd haar verhaal kan overbrengen en hoe je een mooie presentatie maakt. Ook weet zij waar haar publiek behoefte aan heeft en wat er nodig is om een inspirerend verhaal te vertellen. Rocky en ik hebben het een en ander gemeen zoals op straat opgegroeid, straatvoetbal, rolmodel zijn en tegenslagen zoals blessure mee gemaakt. Ik kan niet wachten op het vervolg van onze sessies, want zij heeft mij overtuigd en vertrouwen gegeven om hiermee verder te gaan.
Zaid el Mourabiti (ex-profzaalvoetballer):
Niet alleen Rocky’s kennis en ervaring met onze doelgroepen is zinvol, maar ook haar rol als influencer binnen de sport. Haar netwerk op internationaal niveau binnen het vrouwenvoetbal is voor ons erg waardevol.
Samen met Rocky willen we door middel van het Favela Street programma een verschil maken voor jonge Soedanese vrouwen. Het programma richt zich op de kracht en potentie van deze jonge vrouwen. Wat is hun persoonlijke missie en hoe gaan ze dit realiseren. Rocky motiveert hen om hun talenten te ontdekken en in te zetten voor hun community.
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken:
Storytelling sessies met Rocky zijn helder, oprecht en ze denkt altijd in oplossingen. Ze kan zich goed verplaatsen in een ander. Door haar jarenlange ervaring en positieve energie stelt ze de juiste vragen. Het is een plezier om met haar samen te werken en te leren van haar inzichten die ze onderbouwd met theorie. Zeer tevreden over de samenwerking, zeker aan te raden.
Houda Loukili (ex Nederlands kampioene kickboksen):
  • Zaïd el Mourabiti (former professional futsal player)

    “Rocky was a powerful source of inspiration for me. She taught me to be more daring and gave me the courage to face the vulnerabilities of my youth. Rocky knows exactly how to convey a story in a well- structured manner and to execute an impactful presentation. She is great at reading the audience and knowing what it takes to inspire them with her stories. Rocky and I have a lot in common, we both grew up on the streets, played street football, strove to become role-models, and faced setbacks, such as serious injuries. I look forward to continuing our sessions, because she has already convinced me and given me the confidence I needed to move forward.”

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    “Together with Rocky and the Favela Street program we wanted to make a difference for young Sudanese women. The program focuses on the strengths and potential of these young women. Rocky helped them identify what their personal missions are and how they can realize them in addition to discovering their talents and how they can use them to help their communities.”

  • Nike

    “Rocky is invaluable for her knowledge, experience, and familiarity with our target audience – in addition she is an influential figure in sports. Her vast international network in football, and particularly in women’s football, is of great significance to us.”

  • Houda Loukili (former kickboxing champion of The Netherlands)

    “Storytelling sessions with Rocky are straight-forward and sincere, and she is always able to provide constructive guidance. She’s very empathic and really good at putting herself in other people’s shoes. Through years of experience and her positive energy she asks the right questions. It’s truly a delight to work together with her, and to learn from her theoretically supported insights. A very satisfying collaboration, highly recommended!”



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